Effortlessly Stylish: A Double Four In Hand Knot Made Easy

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Effortlessly Stylish: A Double Four In Hand Knot Made Easy

1. Start with the wide end on the left, narrow end on the right. Be sure the narrow end is higher up to account for the double wrap to come.

2. Cross the wide end over the narrow end.

3. Bring the wide end behind the narrow end.

4. Wrap around. Important! Keep your index finger inside the wrap as you continue with the next few steps.

5. Cross behind again.

6. Wrap around once more and hold in place. Important! Wrap around a little higher this time, leaving a bit of the first wrap exposed. This helps create the double four-in-hand’s signature look.

7. While holding the wrapped portion, bring the wide end under and up.

8. Thread all the way up and over.

9. Thread the wide end through the wrapped portion. Important! As you begin to pull it through, transfer the wrapped part to your other hand and hold at the top as you pull the wide end through.

10. Pull the wide end all the way through, still holding the wrapped portion from the top.

11. Tighten the knot.

12. Slide the knot up and adjust.

Bonus Tip: Pull the two ends apart slightly at the knot to give it a more casual, nonchalant and less-perfect appearance.

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