How To Avoid Ironing!

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How To Avoid Ironing!

Ironing for most of us is a tedious task of life. So, here's 5 essential tips on how to avoid ironing and keeping your clothes crease-free as quickly and easy as possible.

Shake After Washing

Sounds simple but if you remember to shake out your clothes as soon as they come out of the washing machine and hang them neatly (with no creases), you can avoid having to iron at all. Always hang your clothes from the strongest part of the garment (waistband or inside seam) to avoid tell-tale peg prints.

Shower Steam Your Clothes

A top tip I picked up staying in hotels. Kill two birds with one stone by steaming your clothes flat in the bathroom. If you don’t own a clothes steamer, hang your creased clothing on your shower rod as you shower in the morning and watch as the wrinkles disappear. 

Shop for Low Maintenance Fabrics

Low maintenance fabrics are much easier to handle. Shop for easy care fabrics like cottons rather than silks and you can save yourself a headache or two when it comes to laundry day.

Give it a Tumble

The trusty tumble dryer does a lot more than just dry your clothes. Wetting and re-drying a garment is like giving it a clean slate, relieving you of unwanted creases in your outfit. Simply spray your creased piece of clothing with some water and tumble away until done.

Blast with the Hairdryer

If you’re in a rush to leave the house and don’t have time to wait for the tumble dryer, use a hairdryer and give your t-shirt or shirt a high blast of heat. This works well on small creases.



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