How To Cuff Your Shirt Sleeves

How To Cuff Your Shirt Sleeves

It's not rocket science after all, but we though we'd uncover the art as we're seeing people effortlessly scrunch up their shirt sleeves to their elbows!

1. The Casual

This is the easiest and arguably the most popular. By unbuttoning the cuffs the widened area will allow a series of folds to fit comfortably. We recommend 2 clean folds or 3 for slimmer arms.

2. The Italian

Once unbuttoned, fold the cuffs over the elbow, you can then introduce another fold half the height of the initial fold at the bottom, maintaining the cuff at the top for the slick and stylish Italian fold! 

3. The Marine

This works best on denim or cotton based shirts. Simply maintain a 2-3 inch roll and tuck in once you've reached the ideal length. This is best done with the shirt off first allowing you to easily slip in once the roll is perfected. 



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